Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are cancer cells shed from either the primary tumor or its metastases that circulate in the peripheral blood. While metastases are directly responsible for the majority of cancer deaths, CTCs may constitute the seeds for subsequent metastasis. Many studies have shown that the presence of CTCs is of prognostic significance for many different solid tumors.

CTCs comprise a very rare population among red blood cells and leukocytes, presenting a significant challenge for their detection and evaluation. To overcome this challenge, the requirements of high sensitivity combined with high specificity must be met.


Enrichment from Various Cancer Types

Various cancer types

can be evaluated, including those which are have been challenging using antibody –dependent capture techniques
Universal enrichment of many rare cell subsets

Universal enrichment of many rare cell subsets

independent of antigen expression levels and antibody capture
Isolates viable cells

Isolates viable cells

enabling cell culture and patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models for further characterization and screening

High Recovery

facilitating downstream molecular characterization, including protein and gene expression analysis or mutation or translocation detection via NGS and single cell sequencing and pharmacodynamics studies

ApoStream® Enables Molecular and Biological Investigation of CTCs

enable molecular

CTCs From Various Cancer Types

Epithelial Cancers Non-Epithelial Cancers Soft Tissue Cancers Hematological Cancers
Breast1,2,3 Bladder1 Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma1 Leukemia
Colorectal1 Liver1 Lymphoma
Prostate1 NSCLC1,2
Renal Cell Carcinoma1

The ApoStream® technology is capable of enriching CTCs from a broad range of cancer types. To learn more about how ApoStream® has been applied in a specific cancer type, click the footnotes in the table above.

Universal Enrichment of Many Rare Cell Subsets

universal enrichement

ApoStream® can enrich cells that may be missed by traditional methods, including cells undergoing epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT). LEARN MORE

Isolates viable cells for cell culture or PDX modeling

Isolation of viable cells

Cells enriched by ApoStream® are fully viable, and can be used in cell culture applications and PDX modeling to gain a greater understanding of an individual patient's disease state. LEARN MORE

High Recovery Facilitating Downstream Molecular Characterization

High Recovery

ApoStream® enriches CTCs in sufficiently high yield and purity to enable extensive downstream molecular analysis. Copy number variation can be detected by FISH, and mutational analysis can be reliably performed utilizing PCR-based approaches or next generation sequencing.

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